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My name is Jen James. I want to invite you on a journey of purpose and change. The last 20+ years I’ve spent working in the corporate world as well as the film and television universe, honing my skills and experience as a strategic problem solver, leader, team player and coach. I’ve run retail teams for Fortune 500 companies, produced film and commercial projects for network tv and social media; as well as trained and participated in marathons, and I’ve been teaching Yoga now for 5 years. I’m a firm believer in nurturing your body, mind, and spirit to live a happy, purposeful, and productive life. Recently I’ve dedicated myself to “Living the change” a philosophy and coaching strategy I’ve created to help people and businesses manage change and find purpose. I’m really excited to pass along the knowledge I’ve learned and guide people on their journey. 


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Mindful Reinvention Academy

Join now! This program is an online program designed for those who know they need a change, a reinvention or something different. You may not know yet what that change is but you are committed and ready to figure it out! This program will help you define, plan and live the change you want and need. Are you ready?

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Mindful Reinvention Coaching

If you are looking for reinvention, transformation, change, or perhaps you aren’t quite sure what fits, I can help you. Working together we can build, grow and implement your own personal mindful reinvention plan through one on one sessions.

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Mindful Reinvention Workshops
  • Premiere workshops designed for you and/or your team. Customized in length, these workshops are built around each team’s specific needs. Want some inspiration?
  • Organization re-design or re-structure
  • Process re-design and future planning
  • Current state process evaluation and assessment
  • Strategy build, communication planning and implementation
  • Goalsetting
  • Experience design

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Leveraging her personal experiences, sharing stories, and using her power of presence, Double J is guaranteed to deliver a powerful message that is applicable for you! Topics include, but can also be customized:

  • The Art of Mindful Storytelling
  • My Life of reinvention
  • How finding my identity changed me
  • Why chronic illness is a power tool and not a weakness
  • The power of mindset shift

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I accelerated my leadership skills development under Jennifer’s mentorship which led to my recent promotion. Her uncanny ability to hone into who I am, assess what I need, help me see what I excel at and where my blind spots are is invaluable to me. She helped me find my courage to change where I needed to and celebrate achievements which motivated me to keep growing, even in the face of adversity. I’d highly recommend Jennifer to any organization looking to effect transformational change in their people and operations.

Christine Brooks
Senior Manager Process and Change Management

Jennifer James is the perfect balance of creativity and critical thinking. She is an expert at communications, conquering all platforms – written, oral and visual and creating synergies between them to produce a high-end result.
We worked together on various retail and marketing programs. I was impressed by her ability to tackle tough problems effortlessly and her command of the tools of communication which allowed her to target positive outcomes skillfully. These are the strengths she brings to Admit One Productions.
Over the years, she has been an exceptional coach for me. Her experience and analytical mind has been an asset to me because she provides an astute perspective that helps me to understand the dynamics of a situation and helps me to think of effective strategies to achieve my goals. She is also an inspiration, I have observed how her passion and determination for her craft has led her to achieve successes in her profession. This can be seen as a guiding light as you look to carve out the path to attain your objectives. She is my ace and I continually consult with her to get her advice and listen to her words of wisdom.

Michelle Hunte
Asset Specialist, WalMart Canada

I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with Jennifer since April 2013. She is the perfect blend of corporate leader and forward thinking strategist. Always willing to guide, she brings exceptional passion and detail to all her projects, is confident in her decision making and has a proven success record in all the projects she manages. She is a great leader and understands the business very well. She takes the time to acknowledge her teams concerns and is devoted to making things more efficient and productive. She is definitely an inspiration to many and an asset to any workforce. Jennifer has exceptional personal skills and an unmatchable work ethic.

Jorge LaVerde
Manager, WalMart Canada

Jennifer (Jen) was a customer of mine that personified many of the qualities both people and business are in search of today. In short, she is a trusted, forward-thinking thought leader! Trendy words – yes – but a true ambassador in every sense! People are drawn to her and quickly realize she represents not only outstanding strength in leadership, coaching and strategic planning but someone who has ‘also’ mastered the concept of balancing professionalism with that of authentic character. She’s not afraid to make or suggest changes with the ultimate goal of optimization and never losing sight to ensure best practices are achieved. I have to say she made her mark on me and am truly grateful to have been able to work with her.

Joanne Bieler
Customer Centric Sales Leader

Jen is a multi-talented professional that brings passion, energy and strategic thinking to the great work she does. Jen demonstrated high commitment and a positive attitude in dealing with people and is very disciplined and organized in bringing together complex programs. I would gladly recommend Jen for senior organizational roles.

David Poirier
CEO, The Poirier Group

Jennifer is key player for any organization: she is super client-focused with a love for her clients business; she has deep strategic capabilities developed over an enviable career working on high-profile global brands; If you have a tough assignment that requires a strategic, creative thinker to develop great ideas…then work with Jen. Without reservation, I recommend her with the utmost confidence. You will be glad you did.

Dennis Garces
Tech Entrepreneur

Jennifer and I had the pleasure of working together at Walmart. Jennifer was a great partner to work with. Jennifer is both creative and pragmatic , which make her a strong problem solver. We worked together to bring customer messages to life and I thought that Jennifer demonstrated customer centric thinking and was able to balance the demands of the business by staying focused on the end customer and their needs. She is results oriented and strives to achieve the best result in the most effective way

Cheri Mara
VP GM Digital, Indigo

I had the pleasure working with Jennifer on a couple of major and complex projects at Walmart Canada. Jennifer’s leadership and guidance were absolutely instrumental to move the projects to success.
She has a natural ability to create strong teams and partnerships with vendors. I would recommend Jennifer to any company who is looking for an exceptional communicator and a great leader.

Knara Vivona
GM CrossCap Solutions

I had the pleasure of working for Jen James at Walmart Canada. She is a talented marketing strategist and people first team leader that delivered continuous market share growth through expertise in the design, development, and implementation of all Walmart Marketing processes. Jen is a strategic thought leader who develops and implements cross-functional, efficiency driven, new processes, tools and systems incorporating skill in change management leadership. Jen demonstrates an executive level presence with well-honed presentation skills that are successful at establishing the vision and strategies necessary to create buy-in, influence and shift mindset. She is a tireless mentor and coach who demonstrates senior leadership through empathy and resolve. She is a results driven entrepreneurial spirit that utilizes Six Sigma methodology, key performance metrics and system innovation to drive her business. She is an expert in process management and has the soft skills and technical knowledge required to be a leader in any organization. I am grateful that I had the privilege to learn and grow as a member of her team and highly recommend her as a member of any organization.

Nicole Smith
Promotional Planning Manager, WalMart Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Jen during her time as a Senior Consultant with Fifth P – a role that required the broad range of skills and experiences that Jen has. She played a lead role working with clients and managing projects, including building strong relationships, providing strategic input on deliverables, and developing and managing implementation plans. Jen’s knowledge and first-hand experience of marketing and retail operations were a definite asset. She also led several business development opportunities, where she leveraged her extensive network to secure meetings and took the lead role in developing several proposals.

Shana McEachren
People Development & Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

I had the pleasure of working with Jen for a period of one year collaborating on the Customer Experience Strategy for M&M Food Markets.
I was particularly impressed by Jen’s ability to define the project objectives and lead the team to discover the specific wants/asks and turn them into strong deliverables quickly and efficiently.
Jen is deliberate and strategic in her thought process, guiding and navigating me and the team through the project plan with considerable thought given to our long term goals.
No matter the challenges, Jen made sure that the project work was completed as promised according to the project plan, yet always being flexible, ensuring that we received and generated the best outcome. Jen would be an asset to any team and this comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Prema Anjaria
DM Starbucks

It was a pleasure working with Admit One on the Toronto CREW Marketing Strategy. From planning through execution it was a collaborative effort. They delivered a strategy that is comprehensive, easy to follow and smart and even provided out of scope, add value offerings that were critical for us by creating a new Style Guide. The team is motivated, experienced and professional. I recommend them without hesitation.

Carrie Ashfield
CREW Director Marketing and Communications